I like USA. I was chatting with a good (US-)American friend about a podcast, when they said,
“It’s just like NPR.”
“What’s NPR?”
“It’s like PBS. Oh right, PBS is also an American reference.”
“That’s ok. I know PBS.” (public radio)

I do fool some people that I know all…

Don’t be precious to throw away your idea

We often make a personal rule which works for us, right? A rule I made up for myself is a “5 Second Rule” (You won’t find it in improv textbooks)

Let’s say I am on the sideline/backline with an idea for a walk-on or an edit. …

For many improvisers, their only roadblock to the next level is REGRET.

Regret is many. Regret over the choices they made in the scene. Regret for saying No to an offer. Regret for saying Yes. Regret for being tentative. Regret for not jumping into a scene. Regret for jumping into…

Things you pick up from drawing a volume of work and how it translates to improv

I wanted to draw a universe of humans. But, because I get figure drawing models in Norway and most available learning resources are Western, my drawing techniques were geared towards Caucasian features— the facial features, the skin tones, even the poses (very few people doing “V” signs). …

Playing with your heroes can be daunting, but you can be a little reckless


Like any improviser, I have many heroes. Colin Mochrie, whom I grew up watching… or idols like Susan Messing, Anděl Sudik, Heather Anne Campbell or Patti Stiles. I would have only dreamt of improvising with them.

In the past, this was fantasy. Today, the occurrences are real. One of the…

What you can learn from watching absurd amounts of online improv

New York Zoological Society

The infinite monkey theorem states that, given an infinite amount of time and infinite number of monkeys banging on an infinite number of typewriter, one of them will accidentally create the complete works of William Shakespeare (or, for Eastern reference, Mahabharata.)

This is why I enjoy watching online improv.


There’s ni hao, and then there’s ni hao.


The encounter

As someone who looks Chinese, I get catcalled Ni hao on the street a lot. I have developed a thick skin for it. But this one time, I was walking on a short street in far north Trondheim, when a small child passed by on a tricycle. And he bellowed…

I coach improvisers in Asia and the rest of the world. With Asian improvisers, notably, one question that comes up repeatedly was:

That move I just made — was that blocking?”

My answer:
If you HAD to ask, it’s probably not blocking.

(1) If it were blocking, you already know…


Lately I’ve been caught in tag runs during a montage — where my character stays on while other players keeps tagging my partner out. It makes me a little uncomfortable taking up space in the spotlight for too long (wait, there are players who don’t want more stage time? Yes.)…

On Cloud Nine

An Impro Neuf blog. Evolving thoughts on improv from Aree Witoelar, teacher/founder of Impro Neuf International in Oslo, Norway.

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