Lessons from Drawing I: What is Asian, anyway?

Things you pick up from drawing a volume of work and how it translates to improv

Stereotyping. From dreamstime.com

Drawing is an observation skill with no judgement.

Aside. For example that drawing teaches to be not judgmental. I think society often has concepts of beauty, and what is/is not allowed to be presented. Models on billboards. But when you are drawing a live figure, a real person, you do not judge. Anyone is a model. You see societally-labeled ‘beautiful’ people or ‘ugly’ people as equally interesting… the scars and imperfections, the short and the tall, the skinny and the fat, they are all interesting. It’s not that you are oblivious to these features, but it’s that you accept these features in an objective way.

So, how do you draw an Asian person?

As Uncle Roger would say, Haiya. I don’t know.




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