The 5 second rule

Don’t be precious to throw away your idea

But… you don’t have to be fast!

This sounds like you must have a fast mind to do improv. Not so.

Ok, it’s not really 5 seconds.

Having the 5 second rule gives me a way to practice. Ok, honestly, it’s not REALLY 5 seconds. It’s an arbitrary length of time. The point is, that there is an expiration date in your ideas. It is up to you to decide what are your own margins.

An obligatory detour to speed chess

Hey, you know me, I have to sneak in some chess. These are stories of speed chess (blitz) where a grandmaster would play super-fast simultaneous games. They take only a fraction of a second to make a move.



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On Cloud Nine

An Impro Neuf blog. Evolving thoughts on improv from Aree Witoelar, teacher/founder of Impro Neuf International in Oslo, Norway.