The globalization of improv

How access to improv was an overlooked privilege, how globalization will lead to revolution of the art, and a sense of home.

Improv is now a global community

Nautaankibaaz Improv Comedy, India

Access to Improv is a Privilege

Jakarta Improv Meetup.. hmm, no past events
Ankur Sardana, Nautaankibaaz Improv Comedy runs a community for improv in India. “It is us improv nerds, who have gained so much in these times. I am watching and learning from these legends of improv, who were completely inaccessible. It’s mayhem! It’s a party.”

Workshops, workshops, everywhere!

An improviser’s delightful menu only Monday and Tuesday from
Josh Wilson runs Improv Generator from Moscow, provides free spaces to learn and jam. “As community leaders we have always been of the thought that facilitating improv events is a boon for our own communities… [But now, it is] for the improv community as a whole.”

The Renaissance

A Sense of Home, and Empathy

Pirates of Tokyo Bay does a show in English and Japanese, bringing together Western and Eastern voices to the stage.



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